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Budget 2020

POV 1 – Propensity to Spend Experts were of the opinion that the demand slowdown can be countered by putting more money in the hands of the consumers, so that they can spend. The expectation was that the budget will cut taxes. The budget team came up with the innovative solution of cutting the taxes for consumers, if the deductions can be foregone. The savings rate that was already on a downward spiral, as the...
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Retirement Planning

Greetings from PenguWIN Across the globe, including US, Germany, UK and India, surveys conducted among retired people, have revealed one common response – “We should have saved more for retirement” Retirement is one of the most critical financial goals that needs a corpus (sum of money) to be built, for a period of time (like 25 years from age of 55), adjusted for inflation (money value going down). In rupee terms, a person who is...
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Stay the course, Equities will deliver

Greetings from PenguWIN: PenguWIN wishes you a wonderful Vinayagar Chaturthi !!! There is a sense of negativity in the market with investors doubting whether Indian Equities as an asset class has lost its mojo. Returns from lumpsum investments done 3 years ago, SIPs that are 4 to 5 years old are close to zero or even negative. Will Indian Equities Deliver? The answer is a resounding “Yes”, Stay the course and Equities will deliver. As...