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Sovereign Gold Bonds – Different Perspective

Today, 11th Sep 2023, RBI is opening a new tranche of SGBs at a price of 5873/gm, 24 carat. This is not new and have been offered in the past, also will be offered going forward. Whenever investment in gold is discussed the standard set of arguments that are put forth are: I am looking at gold investment from a different point of view, only SGB and not gold as a whole like physical gold,...
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Greed prevails over Common Sense

                 More than a decade back, Jewellers including Balu, Shanthi and a bunch of others were giving high interest rates of about 15 to 20% for deposits collected by them – one time FD with post-dated interest payment cheques. These are not jewellery plans that are run even today (Lalitha, NAC), where you deposit money on monthly basis like RD and after a period of time investors get...