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Sovereign Gold Bonds – Different Perspective

Today, 11th Sep 2023, RBI is opening a new tranche of SGBs at a price of 5873/gm, 24 carat. This is not new and have been offered in the past, also will be offered going forward. Whenever investment in gold is discussed the standard set of arguments that are put forth are: I am looking at gold investment from a different point of view, only SGB and not gold as a whole like physical gold,...
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Debt Mutual Funds Simplified

Greetings from PenguWIN, I wanted to pen a short and simple write-up on Debt funds. The objective is that the investors should have a basic understanding of what a debt fund is and how it works.  Debt funds are categorized based on the maturity profile of the instruments/securities/papers (used interchangeably) that they hold. In simple terms you can think of 60 days FD (Fixed Deposit), 91 days FD, 1-year FD and so on. If money is...
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Debate on Debt MFs

Greetings from PenguWIN In this blog, I would like to compare and contrast Debt Mutual Funds and other traditional Fixed Income products. In my earlier note on decoding the jargons, I had briefly explained about Debt MFs which you might want to refresh before reading further. Like a commercial break, I would like to deviate a minute and mention about 2 of our new partners (more than 3 months old now) that we have tied...