PenguWINs SIP Campaign – “SIP your Way to Wealth!”

Hearty Wishes on our Independence Day!

On this special day, PenguWIN is proud to launch its “SIP your Way to Wealth!” campaign focusing on systematic investment plans in Equity based Mutual Funds towards the goal of long term wealth building.

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As you might already know, PenguWIN has a dedicated page in its website that details the benefits of Systematic Investing:

There is still a lot of hesitance among people to invest in Equity and we feel SIPs are the easiest and proven approach to take the initial plunge.

For people who are in their early stages of career, investments in equity is a must, however small they can afford, towards securing financial freedom in the long run, unless they are born rich or sure to inherit huge wealth 🙂

I keep telling this to my clients and for some this could be a repetition. I am a beneficiary of Equity Mutual Fund investing but I still regret that I started investing in Equity only by the age of 31. I could have started as early as 25 when I had money but did not have the awareness and guidance. 6 more years would have made a lot more difference to my networth now. But, better late than never. I am very keen and passionate in spreading this message on success of Equity Investing to investors.

I am not against Gold or Real Estate or Fixed instrument Investments as Asset Allocation is key to successful wealth creation. But ignoring Equity as an asset class or not having the right mix of Equity in one’s portfolio is a blunder.

PenguWIN has kept the minimum subscription amount for this SIP campaign to as low as Rs. 1000/month to encourage participation from small investors.

The following table provides the long term return figures of a representative list of popular Mutual Funds for you to envisage the kind of money can make through SIPs.

SIP Returns - PenguWINs SIP Campaign

I would request each one of you to pass on this message to your friends, relatives and well-wishers and encourage them to participate in this campaign with guidance from PenguWIN. For investors who are already conversant with SIPs, please use this opportunity to add one more through PenguWIN.

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  1. Thanks Sendhil for educating. Early start, right protfolio mix and regular rebalancing is the way to go. Happy Indpendence day.

  2. Thanks Sendhil. I do SIPs for a while now. There are couple of watch-outs though. MF M&A and Fund Manager changes have tripped investors in the past. Many MFs have merged and some of the best fund managers have move on. Once this happens there is a dilution of focus and lowering of returns. This is one thing investors have to watch-out for.

    1. Dear Prem,
      Your observation is very valid. SIPs cant be invest and forget options and periodic monitoring of the scheme is required. As a advisor I typically do a review of all customers portfolios every 6 months. Atleast once a year review is required to ensure that your portfolio is in sync with the objectives. There are also several cases where even star fund manages have had extended periods of underperformance resulting in investors loosing confidence in a fund with fund manger change or an M&A.

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