Of Blogs and Tweets

Greetings from PenguWIN!

                            Some of our investors have asked why I have stopped writing blogs. I have also been asked as why I am not in tweeter. The story goes like this.

” I have been subscribing to a magazine called Value research for over 10 years now. Every year they publish an annual edition too. During the initial years or more than the first 5 years, I used to anxiously wait for the magazine to come and there are certain fund reviews and portfolio changes that I used to eagerly read. In the past 3 years, during the first 2 years I used to glance through the articles and in the last year, I have only opened it and seen the contents. It’s happened with the Monday edition of Economic Times and Business Line too.

Reason, nothing new that I could gain and it’s grinding the same flour “Aracha Mava Araikirathu” like we say in Tamil. So, if I talk about the same funds, financial freedom, market reactions, it’s becoming too much like changing the screen play but tell the same story again and again. Obviously, I can gauge the pulse of the audience through the interactions.

There are tons of Tamil movies (am sure in other languages too) where the story is about love between 2, fighting among themselves, others like family coming in to object and finally get happily married or both die or director leaves it incomplete for us to decide. A bit of comedy scenes here and there.

Of course, some of the new investors will definitely find it interesting (blog, I am least bothered about the movie)

There are areas like international investments, funding start-ups, estate planning that I try to read but don’t have enough competence to write an article.

Direct equity investing, analyzing company’s balance sheet, market share, management capability… has never fascinated me and I don’t spend time with that. Also, every fund house has a large army of analysts to rip these apart and I don’t intend to be smarter than them.

As far as tweeter goes, I guess I got influenced by Dr. Rajan, whom I have very high regards. When a reporter asked him (more than 2 or 3 years ago) as why he is not in tweeter, his response was, I can never articulate anything in such a small sentence – forgot the exact words. My writings are a little verbose and I thought I will find it difficult to express something concrete in twitter unless I start tweeting like ” I had an excellent meeting with x fund manager”, “Had Paradise Biryani for lunch 222 good”. “Met 3 clients today, hectic day”

So, what?

Some of the tweets in personal finance domain goes like this

“Warren Buffet created 84% of his wealth after turning 60!”

“Save for the rainy day!”

“Market is hot. Invest with caution”

” Start investing early and try to achieve financial freedom before 50″

“Bonds are for storing wealth and equities are for creating wealth:”

” Keep your expenses lower than your income”

“Being Debt Free is the best thing that can happen to you”

“Don’t be a trader. Be an investor”

“Don’t invest too much in real estate. Financial assets are the way to go”

I don’t want to comment on any of the above tweets and leave it to your judgement on the quality or benefit of these. But an hour ago, 2 financial advisors were fighting saying if you have taken my tweets, atleast give me the credit. I failed to understand any IP in the tweets and claiming credit. I normally don’t get into twitter – my mobile does not have the twitter app installed but a friend of mine pulled me into twitter, and when I was reading his message, I got to experience the feud.

A very happy weekend to you!